1.      Never involve in theft of energy or unauthorized use of energy in any circumstances please.

2.      Don't connect more than demanded / contracted load.        

3.      Never tamper meters, wires or any apparatus of company provided for supply to your premises. 

4.      Use supply only for tariff demanded by you and never change tariff without prior permission of company.

 5.      Don't give supply to other premises.  

6.      Pay your electricity bill in time to avoid disconnection of your supply.  

7.      Use electricity only through authorized connection by company.  

8.      Safeguard all the meters / apparatus of company in your premises.     

9.      Inform about theft / unauthorized use of electricity to PGVCL corporate office by phone, E-mail, letter. 

10.  Inform local office immediately in case of any defect of meter / apparatus of company.

11.  In case of any change in internal wiring, submit fresh test report at local office.    

12.  Approach for any grievances at Consumer's Grievances Forum of your area. 

13.  Send your valued comments / suggestions through Feedback form of this website. 

14.  Co operate our authorized employees in meter reading, inspection of your premises etc. 

15.  Please contact local office for any information regarding new connection, power supply, electric bill and any other matter. 

16.  Please don't mischief with electrical lines, meters or equipments.

17.  Beware,,, Indulging theft is punishable offence as per Electricity Act-2003.