OHMS System Control Pvt Ltd - Thrissur, take pride to introduce ourselves as a Trusted Outlet of Unipower Transformers Pvt Ltd, Range start from 100 KVA To 1600 KVA.

Unipower Transformers (P) Ltd, is an electrical company located at KINFRA Industries Park, Nellad, Kochi. Who are high tension equipment manufacturer specialized in design and manufacturing of Cast Resin and Oil Cooled Transformers



Product Features ·         High reliability. low loss compact size copper coils are wound and encapsulated using vacuum casting plant. Coils are assembled on high permeable, low-loss CRGO, Silicon steel cores, using necessary clamping systems are in powder coated enclosures.

·         Fire resistant. The epoxy resin cast coils exhibits self fire extinguishing performance.

·         Higher short circuit strength. The epoxy resin cast coils possess very high electrical and mechanical strength. Epoxy coils are assembled in a robust manner enabling to withstand higher electro-mechanical forces occurring during short circuit as well as external impacts.

·         Moisture Proof. The cast coils with epoxy resin have enhanced dielectric strength, lower rate of deterioration of dielectric property due to humidity and aging effects of insulating materials.

·         Compact Size. Compact size and light weight can be achieved by designing and manufacturing coil in a high vacuum using resin.

·         Overload Capacity. Cast Resin Transformers have high thermal time constant factor.

·         Maintenance-Free. The dielectric property of cast coil does not deteriorate due to humidity and moisture. Thereby rendering the Cast Resin Transformers free from frequent maintenance

For more Information on Transformer visit  http://www.unipowertransformers.com/

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